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Siamo lieti di annunciare la nostra nuova collaborazione per le Isole Andamane con 
Ecco i primi viaggi in programma per la stagione 2017

Le isole Andamane sono uno dei posti dove ancora si possono trovare bei pesci sia a popping che a Jigging.

Come Raggiungere le Isole Andamane
Partenza dall'Italia da Milano MXP/ Roma FCO con volo Emirates di Linea per raggiungere Chennai in India.
La citta Di Port Blair e connessa da Chennai con voli giornalieri, Air India, Jet Airways, Go Air, che operano sulla tratta della diurata di circa 2 ore.

Gruppo 1 2 posti disponibili  esplorativo con expedition
09/03/2017 - Departure from Europe volo Emirates
10/03/2017 - Arrival at Port Blair, transfer to Guest house
11/03/2017 - Fishing Day 1,
12/03/2017 - Fishing Day 2, expedition
13/03/2017 - Fishing Day 3, expedition
14/03/2017 - Fishing Day 4, expedition
15/03/2017 - Fishing Day 5,
16/03/2017 - Fishing Day 6,
17/03/2017 - Fishing Day 7,
18/03/2017 - Departure from Port Blair volo Emirates
19/03/2017 - Arrival in Europe

Gruppo 2 4 posti disponibili 
7/04/2017 partenza Europa volo Emirates
8/04/2017 apr arrivo port Blair, transfer Guest House
9/04/2017 apr fishing
10/04/2017 apr
11/04/2017 apr
12/04/2017 apr
13/04/2017 apr
14/04/2017 apr 
15 Partenza da Port Blair volo Emirates

16 Arrivo in Europa

Group 3 4 posti disponibili
04/05/2017 partenza dall’Italia Dubai Chennay
05 arrival port Blair transfer guest house
6/05/2017 mag
7/05/2017 mag
8/05/2017 mag
9/05/2017 mag
10/05/2017 mag
11/05/2017 mag: 6 fishing days
12 mag: Partenza da  Port Blair

13 Arrivo in Italia.

info e costi:

Inbarcazioni Utilizzate
Speed boat 42 ft 
2X 250 4hp four stroke Suzuki


Another productive fishing technique popular in Andaman is vertical jigging. Our marked drop offs and reefs have been producing excellent catches on 150 to 300 grams jigs trips after trips.
Another fishing technique gaining popularity recently here in Andaman is Micro jigging. Micro jigging with ultra-light jigging setups rigged with PE1 to PE2 lines using jigs up to 40 grams are real fun and can be used all day long. With numerous reefs nearby this techniques is becoming more entertaining nowadays as far as light fishing is concerned. The sweet things about micro jigging in Andaman are you get to catch and see countless ornamental reef dwellers and anybody can do it.


Fishes found in Andaman waters are very aggressive, and this attribute make them the perfect match for any saltwater angler who wants to target them on artificial lures. We exploit this trait of these fishes to enjoy explosive top water strikes, heavy knee crushing downforce using Popping and Jigging techniques effectively.
For adrenaline pumping top water actions to be experienced in these water, nothing works better than poppers and stick baits ranging from 80 to 200 grams rigged with PE6 to PE8 setup for all day fishing. Please ensure that you are in top physical condition if you plan to prefer popping over any other techniques during your trip.

Il visto per le isole Andamane va richiesto presso l'ambasciata indiana provvisti di prenotazione aerea e assicurazione medico bagaglio


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